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Combat is optional.


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Family Law Mediation

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Keep money and family as
intact as possible. Use pre-
filing mediation to resolve
some or all of your Divorce
issues; Child Support,  
Alimony, Property, etc.
PATERNITY (UnMarried Parents)
Co-habitation is common for
many people, unfortunately
like marriage, sometimes it
comes to an end. Mediation
can help protect children
and parents with reaching a
Parenting Plan.
Whether you need a basic
or a long distance
parenting plan, you are in
the best position to design
the right parenting plan for
your family.  You can craft
a plan that fits your family
through mediation.
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Tricia Fradley, JD
The traditional litigation driven divorce is financially and emotionally draining.  The
lengthy process can further destroy the parties’ relationship, and it often harms bonds
with children, family and friends. Eventually, mediation is court ordered, where the
majority of the cases are resolved, but at what cost?

We offer
pre-filing mediation, an alternative to the litigation driven divorce.  Pre-Filing
mediation means, prior to any lawsuit being filed, the parties meet with a mediator who
helps guide them towards a settlement agreement.  The settlement agreement is the end
result of the mediation.  The outcome is determined by the parties not a judge.    

Mediation can be successful even if the parties currently don't get along and can't agree
on anything. We help the parties focus on the common goal and the bigger picture while
acting as a neutral buffer, reducing the adversarial nature of the process.  Often in as
little as three weeks, the entire divorce can be complete, just waiting for the judge's
approval. With our various Packages we will also assist in filling out all of the necessary
forms required and no one will need to 'be served'.  

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Thinking about Divorce?
    Want a practical and less stressful resolution?
    Want to keep expenses down?
If you answered YES to any of the above,
   PRE-FILING MEDIATION may be right for you
We offer a quick, inexpensive, often pleasant method of Divorce.
Families change and grow
over the years and often
requiring a modification to
our plan. Mediation can
help resolve these new
issues in manner that best
serves everyone involved.