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Combat is optional.


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Divorce Mediation
Family Law Mediation

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Keep money and family as
intact as possible. Use Pre
filing mediation to resolve
some or all of your Divorce
issues; Child Support,  
Alimony, Property, etc.
PATERNITY (UnMarried Parents)
Co-habitation is common for
many people, unfortunately
like marriage, sometimes it
comes to an end. Mediation
can help protect children
and parents with reaching a
Parenting Plan.
Whether you need a basic
or a long distance
parenting plan, you are in
the best position to design
the right parenting plan for
your family.  You can craft
a plan that fits your family
through mediation.
Families change and grow
over the years, often
requiring a modification to
your plan. Mediation can
help resolve these new
issues in manner that best
serves everyone involved.
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Tricia Fradley, JD
We offer a quick, inexpensive, often pleasant method of Divorce.
Getting Started
  • The first step to obtain a divorce by mediation is to call and schedule an initial
    session.  We will then send you both a confirmation email with intitial data
Mediation Sessions
  • Typically, this first session will last for about 2-3 hours and will be focused on an
    orientation to the mediation process, a financial inventory, and identifying and
    prioritizing the issues that will need to be addressed during the mediation.  
  • At the conclusion of the first session, we will determine what additional sessions
    may be necessary and the proposed agenda for the next meeting.  Knowing
    what will be discussed allows time to think about the particular issues before
    coming back to discuss and resolve them.  The number and length of the
    sessions is determined by the complexity of the issues as well as the ability of
    the parties to ultimately come to an agreement.
Finishing the Process
  • The parties' decisions will be reflected in a drafted agreement.  A working draft
    will be emailed to the parties so that it can be reviewed for editing and revisions.
    Additionally, prior to signing, you may choose to have an attorney and/or an
    accountant review your agreement.  
  • When finalized, the parties will be ready to formally file for divorce. The next step
    is to file the appropriate petition and supporting documents with the court.  
  • For an additional fee, the amount depending on whether children are involved,
    we can prepare those forms with you so that you have a package covering the
    normal steps for an uncontested divorce.  Alternatively, you can take the marital
    settlement agreement to a divorce attorney who can represent you and prepare
    the necessary court documents.
  • A final judgment could be possible in as little as two to six weeks of the case
    being filed.  
Process and Preparation
Preparing for a Successful Mediation
Mediation is more productive when you come to your session prepared with
some basic information. The better informed you are about your assets, liabilities,
children's schedules and your goals for the outcome, the more progress we can make in
your mediation session.
Financial Affidavits
required, to have the parties fill out the affidavits prior to mediation. The issues to
identify for discussion can include dividing up the assets and debts, and considerations
of alimony and/or spousal support.  In gathering this information it may be helpful to
review our
Division of Property and Spousal Support Checklists.

If children are involved, then a parenting plan would be developed addressing who will
be responsible for the children including; decision making, time sharing, child support,
etc.   Feel free to review our
Parenting checklist for topics to consider. Please keep in
mind that both parents must attend a 4 hour parenting class before the divorce can
become final.

It is very important to be able to concentrate, sometimes for several hours.  Try to get
plenty of rest and eat a meal before you come to mediation so that you will not be
distracted by being tired or hungry.  Feel free to bring beverages or snacks with you to

Think ahead about what you want to accomplish during the mediation. Make a list of
your goals ahead of time. Remind yourself of your goals if things get difficult during
mediation, and make an effort to get back on track.

It's not necessary to fill out each of these forms before your first appointment, but
using them may help you get organized so that you can make the most of your time
during your mediation sessions: